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St. Gallen Consulting takes its cue from the St. Gallen approach to management science. The focus is on comprehensive instead of piecemeal solutions, sustainable prosperity versus short-term gains, customer value not simply shareholder value, fairness above greed, an ethical stance above cleverness, entrepreneurship versus administration, growth and innovative energy ahead of stagnation, fast and easy instead of slow and bureaucratic.

An attitude with such a focus on the good of corporation and society unlocks the highest levels of performance in all participants, as our track record with clients clearly proves. We drive our clients to exceptional degrees of success. Success as manifest in values, strengths and defensible market positions of our clients; pace-setting in innovation and the future of business. The very best structures and processes. Amazing culture and motivation. Committed and capable staff. Operational excellence. And of course: Greater profitability and value creation.

St. Gallen Consulting was born out of a cooperation of the best consultants of a number of business schools in St. Gallen. 30 years´ of experience to date, and more than 100 excellent consultants form an exceptional international consultancy operation. And a host of satisfied clients.


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