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  • Management Consulting

    Management consulting from St. Gallen is different.
    We engage knowledge sources within the company and create a positive environment for all participants in the organization to contribute.

  • My St. Gallen Consultant

    Coaching the top tier of management and decision makers.
    Our partners as your sparring partners.
    A second opinion prior to making far-reaching decisions.

  • Solutions – by St. Gallen Consulting

    Our clients see us as providers of solutions for their issues.
    Most importantly: we are striving for solutions.
    Which are fully aligned with their interests.

  • Seminar plus Consulting

    High impact training.
    Management seminar in combination with consulting.
    In cooperation with renowned business schools.


St. Gallen Consulting

Corporate Advisory.

Sound management is the key to business success.

We see our role as an advisory service in supporting you effectively in your management remit. St. Gallen Consulting partners with top management, corporations, supervisory boards and executives. Working on the key issues for you together with your managers. On the best solutions. On implementation until desired results are attained.

All our consultants follow the unique St. Gallen management approach. We are proud to have blue-chip corporations, respected medium-sized enterprises, specialists and hidden champions, niche players as well as efficient small businesses among our clients.


St. Galler
Coporate Advisory

St. Gallen corporate advisory is firmly embedded in the real world. It is quite different to the advisory services provided by large, usually US-influenced management consulting companies. St. Gallen corporate advisory is based on working very closely with performers in the organization on challenges and solutions. And this with a sense of ethical responsibility and the knowledge that short-term profit maximization negates sustainable success.


Excellence in Strategy Advisory

St. Gallen is generally considered to be one of the leading places for general management and strategic management. From its early days the St. Gallen approach extended the dimension of personnel management by adding the topic of "Leading organizations". If you manage social systems you will be aware that they are never fully controllable. You will also understand that strategic leadership can never rely on full information availability. You will know that successful leadership is about the capable handling of complexity. Our strategy has been producing relevant outcomes since 1985.


Holistic Management Advisory

Decisions by top management constitute changes to the system "corporation". If you set the framework and overarching goals, you are attempting to guide your managers and staff in a certain direction. An effective management consultancy practice takes this into account. It allows you, with just a few measures - in the shape of action programs - to achieve the intended results.

Offers for your success

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