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St. Gallen Consulting effectively works with corporations, boards, and top-management. We have earned a reputation of providing advisory services delivered by veteran consultants. Meeting and exceeding customer needs is a key principle of our work.

The St. Gallen management system and our proprietary instruments provide the framework for truly tailored solutions. They address the demands of all stakeholders in and around an organization; a holistic approach with substantial impact on returns - you can expect down-to-earth concepts with lasting bottom-line results.

All St. Gallen Consulting advisors follow our singularly effective and tested approach to management consulting to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.ting services. We gladly provide answers to your specific challenges or projects.

Below is an overview of our consulting services. We gladly provide answers to your specific challenges or projects.


Sustainable Results

St. Gallen Consulting stands for responsible management and sustainable results.

As consultants, our mission is to maximize the success of your company or organization – we work with you, your management and the key players in your workforce.

Mission. Vision. Values. Objectives.

Owners, supervisory board members, or directors need to provide normative guidance to management. We assist you in defining mission, vision, values, objectives, and other guiding principles. 

Strategic Management

Your company deserves the best strategy. In cooperation with your management, we develop a sustainable path to a sound future.

Profitability & Value Boost

Outperformers strive to be 50% more profitable than their industry average while simultaneously excelling in sustainability and ethical behavior. We have the toolsets to empower your management and key players to achieve outperformance on all levels.

Opportunity & Risk Management

Megatrends and other external developments continuously demand adaptation and change. Thinking in hypotheses rather than fixed plans requires constant weighing of potential scenarios and outcomes. Experienced advisors provide outside perspective and act as sounding boards in fluid strategic management.

Increase Growth Dynamics

The innovator's dilemma is balancing current business with growth dynamics. Standing still is often perceived as the "safe" option, yet almost always results in a step backwards. We help you in launching well-targeted growth and innovation offensives.

High Performance Organizations

The adage is that structure follows strategy. In reality, structures often are a given and in highly complex organizations tend to influence strategies more than we might admit. High-performance-organizations master the sensible approach of tailoring structures to long-term strategic initiatives and goals.


Over half of all merger or acquisition projects fail to deliver the desired results. Our expertise ensures selection of proper targets, quick turnaround in due diligence, and solid merger and post-merger integration.

Succession Planning

Entrepreneurial succession increasingly is the most dominant challenge of small and mid-size businesses. St. Gallen Consulting provides comprehensive advisory packages for succession planning, including personal coaching by one of our experienced managing partners.

Market Penetration

Hypercompetitive markets are defined by a constant battle for market share and competitive advantages, very often-involving borderline tactics and unfair competition by contenders. While there are always different ways to compete, very often there is only one way leading to the right path. We help you shielding your competitive position and finding the best strategies for success.

Effective Leadership

Success is the result of effective leadership and in-itself the biggest motivator. Meaningful incentives and emphasis on effective communication are the best tools to convert good employees into great contributors to success. The flywheel of business performance has never changed: Success breeds enthusiasm; enthusiasm leads to performance; performance results in business excellence. That is what our clients expect and what we deliver.

Power Teams

Power teams are using their joint weight to pull in the same direction. Celebrating individual performance in contrast leads to conflicting goals and decreased effectiveness of an organization - often ending in paralysis and blockages with the potential to endanger a firm. External consultation is required to escape the deadlock of silo-thinking and turning an organization into a power-house.

Professional Sales

The moment of truth comes at the sales front. All business activities culminate in the sales call and terminate with delivery of the product or service. Over 80% of all companies surveyed in a long-term study mention improving their sales efforts a major opportunity. Our expertise in sales management will help you making landslide improvements in lead development and closing ratio. 

Next Generation Distribution Channels

New technologies revolutionize the role of traditional distribution channels at ever-increasing pace. Established companies need to continuously question their business models and modernize with smart high-tech alternatives. We benchmark with the best and help you design the sales channels of the future.

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