Strategic Management

The most suitable strategy

In a competitive world it is the organization with the best strategy that wins. Review your strategy with us and use our insights and inputs to secure the viability of your business into the future and to remain or to become the best practice in your industry.

St. Gallen Strategy Process

The way we accompany the development of a strategy you as the client will make your choices, articulate your strategy and create the blueprint for your future. Our role is to accompany you, to walk beside you as far as you need, and to especially be around when it counts: during implementation.

Since every company is unique there is no set model for implementation. Our capability lies in understanding your uniqueness and providing the strategy support required to harness that uniqueness both in reflecting your organization as well as in articulating choices suited to it.

Every company is unique - every project should be designed to meet specific company needs.

Example of A Concrete Project


Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Strategy Audit
    A health check to establish where you are today – fit or sick?
  2. Action
    Continue with business as usual, or change something?
  3. Defend and Expand
    Strategic choices and direction setting for existing business.
  4. Innovation
    Growth by new business, new models, reconfigurations. 
  5. Corproate Strategy
    what is the most suitable strategy for the organization as a whole?
  6. Structural Flexibility
    more dynamic, more efficient, better, faster.
  7. Capabilities
    Develop the employees of the future.
  8. Implementation
    Make the strategy count.
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