Next Generation Distribution Channels

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Distribution channels your offering to customers. New technologies are reshaping the value of traditional distribution formats. Traders, distributors, intermediaries are losing their place. Digital distribution is replacing sales forces. Online sales have gained ascendancy over brick and mortar solutions.

This constitutes a challenge for established organizations. Displacement and cannibalizing within the organization need to be addressed and overcome. For new entrants digital distribution channels create incredible opportunities to undermine incumbents with innovative business models. May we assist you in setting up your digital distribution channel of tomorrow?


Digital Sales

Most industries have to deal with digital sales. Many countries have introduced more transparent e-bidding systems for government contracts. Just as your customers go online, you need to be present online – and that is more than what a traditional website entails. If you want to tap into the mobility of customers today you need to be digital and mobile. A first project could look like this: 

  • Strategize your e-business: how does it meet your existing strategy? Where does your existing strategy need to evolve?
  • Design for e-business: what should your digital presence look like – mobile and web-based?
  • Guiding your customers to your digital portfolio – how can this be effected?
  • Digital content has to be fresh and spark enthusiasm – it is no longer traditional written communication. How do you create a name for yourself in this space?
  • Best practices in digital points of sale: what can we learn from the leaders? How can we make money by digital sales?

 Other flanking measures could include mailing and telephone marketing.



Reaching out to clients and prospects may be negligible in cost, yet deserves to be well executed to have a maximum impact and achieve viral marketing quality. How do you control viral marketing and the general information anarchy out there – you need structured communities, which we can assist you in building.



Mailings require very specific input to be effective. At St. Gallen Consulting we have over 25 years of experience in developing bespoke mailing solutions for our clients covering the design of the offering to catalogue and brochure layout, to target group selection, prospect qualification and address management -  right down to linking mailing and digital communication platforms.



This can be a double edged sword, and wrongly wielded may be more damaging than useful. If adopted the right way telephone marketing opens up opportunities for businesses, especially

  • to prepare sales activities
  • to increase customer loyalty
  • to assess customer needs
  • to launch new products

Together with our cooperation partner, Welke Consulting Group, we provide a professional call center on demand to use at your discretion.

Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Next generation distribution channelsDirect access to clients, direct sales. Current, future projections, scenarios
  2. Digital Sales
    Creating an effective e-business
  3. Communities & Viral Marketing
    Greater impact at lower cost clients
  4. Selling by Mailing
    Best practice in utilizing mailing channels
  5. Telephone Marketing
    An active instrument to generate sales leads if appropriately adopted
  6. Implementation Program
    Support for key staff in your organization in implementation
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