Mission. Vision. Values. Objectives.

What are the owners' intentions?

Owners´ or their appointed representatives in boards who determine the purpose of an organization.

Operational performance capability hinges on the availability of guiderails from the top:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values and Purpose
  • Setting Guiding Objectives

Vision and Mission

Superior motivation and performance levels are initiated by the definition of the vision and mission of the organization.

Mission: What is the current justification for the company´s existence? What is the value we can add to our clients`? What if the company didn´t exist? 

Vision:  What do we want to shape and how will we contribute to society? What does the future require? Where do we want to move to?

Values and Purpose

Money alone does not guarantee the success of a business. People seek meaning in work and organizations that can create a sense of shared purpose will benefit from the levels of commitment they can unlock. Nothing creates more reassurance in people than a coalition of shared purpose.

St. Gallen Consulting has developed specific expertise in assisting organizations to articulate their model of shared purpose which in turn becomes the value framework of the company. Shared purpose translates the value concept in management into something easy to relate to, relevant and practical, as it transcends the discussion on different and conflicting values individuals will have in any organization.

Setting Guiding Objectives

If shared purpose builds the emotional basis for commitment, providing guiding objectives channels that commitment into productive output and outcomes for the organization through each and every individual.

You should consider what the guiding objectives ought to be:

  • What have the guiding objectives been to date? Are they implementable?
  • Do they drive the organization in the right direction?
  • Is it time to reassess the objectives we already have?
  • How do we link guiding objectives with values and shared purpose in the organization?

If any of these are your questions, we could help you to answer them.

Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Owner Strategy
    What do you as an owner wish to achieve?
  2. Vision and Mission
    What will lead us to success?
  3. Values
    What should be the common denominator for all?
  4. Objective Setting
    What are the most suitable objectives to be articulated at the top of the organization to guide all the others?
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