Market Penetration

The struggle for market share

Saturated markets have their own rules and need different solutions. It may well be impossible to differentiate from competition by innovation, specialization, or retreating into niche markets. There will be direct confrontations and a struggle for market share. Unfortunately, those who lose out are those with the better products and services.

Saturated markets often lead to price wars and it is the cheapest provider who takes the spoils. If you have the better products, you need to find other ways of breaking out of downward pricing spirals which may erode margins and harm your business. Better sales and marketing solutions are what is required.


Market Success

Market success is relative. The better company achieves its objectives. Not everyone can win. But which is the better company? What core competencies determine relative market position? Above all: How can a company stage and implement its own strengths effectively? 



Is the fight for market share the right way to market success? In the short term, yes… when the market decides who gets the business – we or our competitors – when supply is greater than demand, when the customer can choose between several equivalent providers, when no preferences matter, except the lowest price.

Anyone who competes in hypercompetitive markets needs to fight for market share. There are different ways win and defend market share. Right ways and wrong ways. Predictable and dangerous. Market success in stagnant or highly competitive markets must be controlled consciously.


St. Gallen Marketing and Sales Dominance

In many companies, the untapped potential in sales is enormous. Good marketing creates the conditions. From then on only one thing counts: total engagement for sales that tap the company's full potential and amaze competitors.


Consulting Packages

Our consulting practice comprises the following packages, each of which can be booked separately: 

  1. Marketing & Sales Today
    Analysis of marketing and sales strengths.
  2. Determinants of Market Success
    The laws of industry and market. Your ideal positioning and your core competencies.
  3. Optimal Marketing Strategy
    The right positioning in highly competitive markets.
  4. Winning Sales Strengths
    Gain market share through convincing sales strength.
  5. Agency Care Marketing
    Ongoing support of all marketing activities, with the goal of reaching optimal market penetration.
  6. Sales Coaching
    Ongoing support of your employees with the goal of designing sales programs to reach ambitious sales targets.
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