High Performance Organizations

Structures as development drivers

The current structure of your business is driving it in a certain direction. Is that where to want to go? Is it moving towards where you actually want to see it going? Or do see a need for change in direction? In such a case a review and renewal of the organization structure is a suitable course of action.

Some structures encourage growth and innovation, others cement the status quo. Then again some will spark entrepreneurship, while others curtail it. There are structures that will put an organization in a position to exploit market opportunities, to be close to the customer base, to act fast and with flexibility.

The notion of a high performance organization: To rouse an inner energy and to organize it in such a way that it becomes effective as desired.


Business area focus

Business areas are managed units in an organization responsible for profits and for strategic positioning. They can be created in several different ways: They can be groupings by product, technologies, regions and countries, distribution channels and by customers and customer needs – the latter being the most demanding and the most satisfactory way to divide and organize a business.

The way you build these business focus areas will very quickly impact how the company analyses, thinks, provides resources, monitors and measures financial achievements, right down to implementation in the market.



Restructuring may have several merits:

  • to make the organization leaner and more nimble
  • to become customer-centric
  • to nurture separation of specific units
  • to realign organizational units which are drifting apart
  • to instate new managers in key positions
  • to drive down costs
  • to grow appreciably faster

If you restructure you need to understand that creative destruction has its victims. There may be substantial losses before you make your gains, which thus need to justify the changes by producing very high outcomes. We can assist you in the evaluation and decision-making process leading to restructuring or reorganization, and with our proprietary instruments take out a great deal of pain from the implementation exercise.


Structure advisory

Reorganization and restructuring are sensitive issues. We suggest using our facilities on Lake Zurich to discuss and work on these matters in a discreet environment.

Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Organization structure test
    What is robust, what needs to be changed?
  2. Structure outcome simulation
    Where is the current structure pushing the organization?
  3. Business Activity Map
    Areas of business focus today and in the future
  4. Customer proximity
    Developing the relevant organization
  5. Organization speed and flexibility
    Optimizing the organization
  6. Restructuring for gain
    Cost cutting by organizational restructuring
  7. The growth-driven organization
    Growth by structure improvement
  8. The high performance organization
    Client-centric, cost effective, growth enhancing, flexible and fast
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