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If you buy a business, you have clear objectives in mind such as:

  •  Rapid growth
  • Exploitation of synergies and cost saving potential
  •  Access to capabilities
  • Access to new markets and target customers
  • Opening up new distribution channels
  • Good investment opportunity

It is no secret in the M&A world that more than half of all such activities fail. Most of the studies around show that it is not only a question of approach but more so a matter of mindset that leads to failure. Post-acquisition and merger integration is a cultural integration affair to a great extent.

At St. Gallen Consulting we have developed an approach and a set of instruments which enable organizations to institute a structured, fully controlled process of integration which ensures that nobody perceives himself as a loser. We can make integration easy and affordable and take out the pain and panic in the exercise.


The Cultural Integration Opportunity

Integrating an acquired company offers the best possible opportunity to change and improve an organizational culture to achieve outstanding performance results. The sum total of two different organizational cultures can be a new third which consolidates the best in each organization and discards the bad.

Cultural integration kicks off with an audit of the existing organizational cultures, an assessment of the overarching strategic objectives and the articulation of the ideal culture and performance outcomes of the new organization. However, we do not stop there. St. Gallen Consulting accompanies you through the integration process itself with instruments designed to take out the pain and complexity of the situation, and provide short medium and long-term outcomes you can proudly report to your stakeholders. And that at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.


Work on the Target Culture

Some things can be changed immediately. Many things need time and persistent mentoring. St. Gallen International provides post-merger integration, driven by top consultants with an outstanding track record.


Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. The Culture of the Buyer
    Cultural habits. What suits the strategy, what is contrary? What may contribute towards success?
  2. Culture of the acquired partner 
    Cultural habits. What suits us as buyers, what is different? What must be retained?
  3. New Culture
    Seize the opportunity to design a best practice culture for the future.
  4. Intensive Program: Outcome structure 
    An acquisition is costly, and in more than 50% of the cases it turn out to be a failure. We know the ingredients of a successful acquisition and can assist you in deciding on where to focus, where to spend, and how to make post-acquisition integration easy.
  5. Advisory implementation support 
    We have some of the most effective advisory support tools and programs available today to support your management in most acquisition implementation and at dramatic cost savings.
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