Succession Planning

Entrepreneurs have a different relationship to their business than contracted managers. Their business is their life´s output. For this reason the long-term survival of their business is paramount to them. Regardless of the age of the owner there needs to be a clear succession planning strategy.


Successor options

In an ideal world succession planning happens when the company is founded. In most cases this happens 5-10 years prior to a set exit date. Successors could be the owner´s children, strategic buyers, management or staff, or a combination of all these stakeholders.


St. Gallen Consulting enablers

The challenges of succession planning can be overcome by drawing on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the management board members of St. Gallen Consulting. It is they who will personally coach you.



Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately: 

  1. Value Audit
    Can the business be sold? Wat is the value today? Is there potential to raise the value?
  2. Entrepreneur Audit
    What does the owner want? Can the children be included in a succession plan? What is the time frame involved?
  3. Fit for takeover
    What is the best strategy, the best structure, and the right culture for succession? Capabilities and competencies.
  4. Allocating key positions
    The right people for the right position.
  5. Accompanying the Entrepreneur
    One day a month. To review and monitor progress and pressure points. Implementation management.
  6. Sales process
    We can represent you in the sale of your business, if that is what you wish to do, in order to maximize the sale value.
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