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Exploiting your opimization potential

Sales is the convergence point of all corporate activity. It is the moment of truth. Do you invest enough time and energy into this decisive function? Does Sales have the role it deserves in your organization? Or do you believe you could improve your sales performance by implementing suitable programs? There is hardly an organization which cannot benefit from an optimization program in sales – in fact, we have found that over 80% of companies we have studied can do so. We can assist you in professionalizing your sales function.


Utilizing client potential

Existing clients should be the first point of focus when it comes to optimizing sales. There is often hidden potential to be unlocked, and easily so, as they are already your clients. Do you really know your clients? And what are you currently doing to make best use of the untapped potential with them? We can assist you in this endeavor. You will be surprised how much can be developed with existing clients.


Acquire new clients

In the digital age reaching out to new clients and prospects is no longer a costly affair. The added cost for another email or newsletter is negligible. Multipliers who receive and distribute your messages can make your marketing go viral at next to nothing.

The art herein lies in managing the anarchic flows of information so that you stay in control. You need communities for this, and we will help you set them up.

The more classical approaches to winning new customers is costly and time-consuming. Yet in many an industry there is no way around it. We can assist you in assessing the value of a potential client relationship and the effort worth putting into building it. At the heart of such an exercise is the development of a model for customer acquisition, which can then be applied across your target clients, tested and refined in due course.


Reduce customer churn

Every profitable client we lose by our own doing is a failure. Customer churn is a relevant factor. The more so when the churn has to be compensated by new client acquisition. One must avoid a vicious cycle of rising churn rates and increased costs in new client acquisition.

In order to reduce the churn a number of approaches should be considered:

  • Early recognition of dissatisfaction
  • Active management of customer loyalty
  • Customer-friendly loyalty programs
  • Complaints & Service Recovery Management
  • Customer Recovery

Improve performance improvement

The decisive question in sales is: Who makes the first move – we or the customer? Whatever the decision, both sales approaches need to be professionalized.

  • How do we create a pipeline of customer queries leading to business outcomes?
  • How do we generate initial contacts with prospects that become convertible into orders?
  • How to make a new client a regular client?


Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Sales Model
    Who sells what to whom and for which needs? What are the distribution channels? When, where and under what competitive circumstances?
  2. Current sales position
    Where are we strong, where weak? Ideas to amplify our strengths.
  3. Grow turnover with existing clients
    Implement a program to exploit the unutilized potential of existing clients.
  4. Win over new clients
    Develop an effective program for new client acquisition.
  5. Reduce customer churn
    Have the corporate objectives been understood, accepted and embraced? Implementing measures to curb customer churn.
  6. Raise sales performance
    Optimize your sales performance with a targeted program.
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