Power Teams

Shared success

There is no single perspective that may be deemed correct. What should be done in a business and what not can be interpreted differently. In practice this leads to arguments, which may be fueled by personal interests and power politics.

If everyone wants to do the right thing, but everybody pulls in another direction, there will be a dip in effectiveness in the organization – this can reach threatening levels of paralysis or deadlock. It is near impossible to extricate oneself from this deadlock. You need external moderation to unblock things.


St. Gallen Consultation

We will find the most suitable advisor together with you from among the 20 leadership experts within St. Gallen Consulting.
Be it the professor, the lecturer, the consultant, the psychologist: In sensitive areas where emotions, conflicts, power politics, hope and despair prevail, the chemistry with your coach has be to right. All our leadership specialists have a substantial experience base and the best references.


Excellence is a Mindset

  1. Develop positive thoughts and ideas
  2. Find failures with yourself and learn to see them positively
  3. Start your day positively and fall asleep with good, positive thoughts
  4. If you doubt yourself you will undermine your capability for success. Hope and confidence are prerequisites for success.
  5. Training your faculties to take in situations so that you can react adequately
  6. Positive mental images influence your body and soul directly
  7. Develop a positive and energetic style of speech
  8. Drawing on key words or anchors helps to overcome hurdles
  9. Learn from your peers by asking questions and listening
  10. Write down clear objectives and ensure they are met

Consulting Packages

Our consulting practice comprises the following packages, each of which can be booked separately:

  1. Motivation Audit
    What motivates, what misfires with our staff?
  2. Employee Satisfaction Survey
    Current work environment and potential for optimization
  3. Values and Culture
    What are the values that drive our staff? What should they be in the future?
  4. Shared Vision
    Is there a vision for the future which can kindle enthusiasm? What should it be?
  5. Convergence of objectives
    Have the corporate objectives been understood, accepted and embraced?
  6. Leadership Strength
    Is our leadership effective? At every level?
  7. Conflict Management
    Which are the sapping conflicts? What can be done about them?
  8. Shared future
    Measures for results-oriented team players
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