Opportunity & Risk Management

Discover the new rules of the game

Developments outside an organization may change the outlook of a business: Demographic, technological, customer, value, regulatory changes and game changing new rules in the competitive environment. These among others force organizations to react.
Whether change translates into opportunity or threat largely depends on your own actions. Opportunity & Risk Management is a framework for successful businesses. Nothing is more dangerous than placing one´s faith in past successes. The past is not good indicator for the future.


Scenarios and Trends 

It is not the uncertainty of the future itself that troubles organizations, but the dramatic rise in the frequency and unpredictability of change. Scenario planning provides access to several possible futures and the identification of trends – you will have options to prepare for. Add the influence of potential stakeholders and we can assist you in defining what the future has in store.


Active Opportunity Management 

There are always opportunities. But you can only exploit them if you are prepared. Active opportunity management is a concept which enables managers to respond to opportunities that are suddenly visible or available – ahead of their competitors.  The window of opportunity is short. If you miss it, you will lose. We can prepare your organization for active opportunity management.


Circumspect Risk Management

Risk is part and parcel of entrepreneurship. In the complexity of the modern business environment there are, however, more sources for risk and more threats than managers can easily envisage. Opportunities may well be outweighed by risk as recent crises across industries demonstrate.

Risk management today has evolved into an integral aspect of corporate strategy and should be in the repertoire of any good manager. We assist businesses in putting in place risk registers and instruments suited to their activities as part of their overall strategy and operational framework.


Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. External change
    Which are the relevant developments?
  2. Scenarios and trends
    What will the future have in store?
  3. Active Opportunity Management
    Seize future opportunities
  4. Circumspect Risk Management
    Know the risks. Manage them
  5. Opportunity & Risk Monitoring
    Better management instruments
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