Effective Leadership

Tap into 20% performance reserves

Good leadership is the cornerstone for corporate success. It is one of the most important tasks in a modern business. We analyze leadership quality in organizations and mobilize 20% more performance reserves in the bargain.


Analyze leadership performance

On the chessboard of success the initial situation is perfectly clear: Your products and services are set features, as are your customers, their needs, you staff, management, capabilities, structures, culture and systems.
So what do you do with them? Literally thousands of leadership and management decisions are made in the day in the life of a company – at all hierarchical formal and informal levels of the organization. They are decisive in making or breaking leadership excellence. An analysis of leadership performance can unveil astonishing facts about an organization. For instance, that only 80% of the performance capability is actually harnessed. Often, it is even less.


Leadership excellence

If there was an Oscar to be awarded for leadership excellence, we could help you get it. This is the level of commitment with which we tackle the specific leadership excellence model for your company. This includes the development of leadership standards: What should leadership be like in the company? Or best practice results: What should every individual achieve in future? And: training the right behavior for difficult leadership situations, personal empowerment of key performers, orientation towards ambitious goals, conflict resolution, as well as a proactive stance.


Performance and motivation

There is no better motivator than success. Leadership should thus not begin with motivation, but by setting the stage for success. Key performers should be encouraged to contribute to success and to enjoy the fruits of success. Motivation follows in due course. Meaningful incentives and appropriate communication to honor achievements do the rest to convert good employees into ardent supporters of the corporate cause.

Should these highly motivated key performers be capable of carrying their enthusiasm for shared goals into their own teams, there is no end to the levels of energy they can set free in the organization.

Our advisory service in this context seeks to draw your organization into an upward spiral of enthusiasm, performance, and motivation. 


Consulting Packages

This consultancy consists of the following services, which may also be contracted separately:

  1. Audit: Effective Leadership
    What is the level of effectiveness today?
  2. Leadership performance
    Current and ideal. Typical success and failure models for leadership performance within an organization
  3. Leadership Excellence Model
    What should leadership look like in the future
  4. Leadership Workshop 1
    What should be done to unleash the performance potential of your staff?
  5. Leadership Workshop 2
    How to improve motivation and enthusiasm at all levels of the organization?
  6. Leadership Training
    Satisfaction by performance. Pride in achievements
  7. Optimization Programs
    Kick-off and monitoring of continuous improvement programs to raise leadership performance
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